Superminds – The Best English Learning Programmes for kids age 3-5 and 6-8

Get smart  this Summer and join Superminds  to help you improve your English skills  and values  through Robotics, Lego, E-Blocks ,competitions, puzzles, games, Painting ,drawing, I-Pads and Bee-Bots. Plato English Programmes are  great for mastering fluency while  Plato Multifunctional Exercise Book ,compiled and published by Plato Institute ,enriches your vocabulary and Listening and Writing Skills .

What is Superminds?

SUPERMINDS is an innovative method for teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) and introducing children to Language Acquisition where :

Letters, (phonics) form WORDS;
Words, form SENTENCES;
Sentences, form PARAGRAPHS and
Paragraphs form TEXTS.

Based on the well-known premise that children learn by doing, SUPERMINDS provides unlimited hands-on interaction for children between the ages of 3-5 and 6-8.

How it works:

In Groups: Children work together in groups sitting at a table with the SUPERMINDS Panel (Blocks and Bricks) connected to a Language Lab. Responding to stimuli and questions presented on the computer screen, students place the Blocks/Bricks on the SUPERMINDS touch-sensitive panel. Exciting pictures, music, animation and games stimulate cooperative interaction and make learning a concrete social experience under the supervision of experienced and trained teachers/instructors.

Individually: Children work individually under the supervision and guidance of the teacher following carefully prepared syllabi and lesson plans.

Children work with I-Pads, Blocks, Talking Pens and video recorders, LEGO, Bricks, Board Games and Puzzles to reinforce and accommodate the structures, lexis, values, skills and mood learned during the lesson.

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